Using the Cutting Plane

Visualizing a Cut of the Model in the Postprocess

In the postprocess mode of OnScale, you can use the cutting plane option to visualize a cut of your 3D model.

Note: Cutting plane is only available for 3D models, it will be inactivated for 2D and 2D-axisymmetric models.


Here's how to use it:

  1. Change the center of the cutting plane
  2. Click on apply to validate the changes
  3. Make the plane larger using the Scale option
  4. Click and drag with the mouse to move the plane up and down
  5. Drag the arrow to change the orientation angle of the plane



Here's a demo:

cut plane demo.gif


Cutting the model in runtime graphics

This method is only for the visualization of the results within the post-processor. If you want to cut your model in order to generate an animation with the runtime graphics, then you will need to cut the model by changing the grph command in onscale analyst script.

plotting a slice of data.png

This is a simple way to understand how it works:


In your command grph plot, you can add I, j or k and the number of the node you want to slice


I,j and k correspond to x,y and z direction

So if you have 100 nodes in x direction and you want to put a cut plane at 30%

You can define


  plot aprs i 30