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I want to get same output from this examples in onscale website(PZT disc 2D (Tx/Rx) 

This example is made from analyst mode so i make a same PZT DISC with this example file, setting all the parameters same but i get a different output of top piezo voltage. can you explain why i can't get a same output? here is link for sharing my designer mode file(

Thank you for your help


  • I do not have access your designer file in google drive. Can you check the and compare the solver input file generated with designer to your original Analyst script. Click the "Save Solver Input" button highlighted below. The differences should become more apparent. 

    The usual culprit would be a mismatch in boundary conditions.

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  • Thanks for answering.

    i want to comparing these two solver file but the grammer looks little bit different as i can't compare it well. i allow the access and i have problem getting same top piezo voltage. i can't find my problem.

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  • A few things which stand out at first glance is that the website example shows the voltage induced by a pressure load, whereas your model applies a voltage to the transducer terminal through a circuit. These are different scenarios.

    I can help with specific questions about OnScale Lab. But I cannot debug your models for you. You have to check your model yourself. 

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  • I understand this code as applying voltage load but is this code means i should give pressure load?


    bc top volt func    /* Apply voltage condition to 'top' electrode and assign driving signal 'func'
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  • That code is different from what I see. I see this instead. 

    bc top volt func 0   /* Apply voltage condition to 'top' electrode and assign driving signal 'func'

    The voltage is scaled by 0.


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