2d model / 3d model difference Answered

I made a simple pzt disc with 2D designer and 3D designer. I set all of the variable same, but there is little differences.Below is the result of Piezo top displacement in 2D(Black) and 3D(Blue). I wonder if i have some thing wrong or is this result shows the right result that it has simliar tendency but not 100% same.

Just in case, I will attach both of the two files I have created




Thanks for always helping me:)

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  • The Finite Element method is an approximation so differently configured models will not have exactly matching results. That being said, there is strong correspondence in results for correctly but differently configured models. It is important to be aware of the differences between the models one will compare. There will be differences in meshing, in the timestep in the boundary conditions and the geometry. All these will contribute to any differences seen in the results.

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