Water geometry size Answered

Hii I would like to know that, how to fix the size of water geometry for under water applications in 2D axis symmetry in OnScale lab in designer mode.


  • Please see this article here.

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  • Thank you for your response. Actually i would like to know that how to evaluate the size of water geometry in OnScale. If i simulate a model with Frequency 100kHz for under water applications, how can i evaluate water domain size based on my simulation Frequency. Normally i am chosen it as 1 lambda. But using this size some times i didn't get proper simulation results.

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  • I am not sure I understand what you mean. Usually, one would define the load volume in which they intend to observe physical response to loads when they run their simulations. OnScale is a time domain solver and the simulations are essentially a virtual experiment. You set up your simulation and observe the  outcome from predefined loads and boundary conditions. Frequency of its own in not a simulation input.

    I do not understand what you mean by "domain size based on simulation frequency". Can you please give some context on this?

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  • example,under water device applications, if my device is working with simulation Frequency 200 kHz, and the device is all surrounded by water, how can i fix the size of water around it.

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  • Thanks for clarifying. You can do this by defining a geometry with the size you want and assign material properties of water to this volume. To define geometry, you can use primitives as described in the previous article. Here is a video example.


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