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Hi OnScale,

I was trying to import an .step file which includes an utlrasonic transducer, 3 water, and a 6-well plate, to simulate the ultrasonic wave propagation into water then reflect back by the plastic plate walls.

However, I could only see the transducer and 3 water. I have included the 3D model from Solidworks, and the imported models into PZFlex:


So I just import the 6-well plate model into PZFlex to try a luck, but then it generated more than 100 parts in the "Geometry" tree:


After this, I tried to import this .step file into OnScale (although it has expired so I can not simulate the model), and it can import the whole assembly:


Does anybody know why this happens, and is there a solution for this?




Dr. Xuan Li

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    Hi Xuan,

    So just so I'm clear - you are trying to import the geometry into PZFlex and this is where you are seeing the importation problems? 

    If this is the case the last update of PZFlex 2018 was last year and there will be no new updates to this going forward as it is no longer a product we are developing. In PZFlex the importation of CAD files to the designer mode is handled by GMSH a three-dimensional finite element mesh generator. We ran into a lot of issues with GMSH in regards to more complex CAD geometries. In OnScale we have moved away from GMSH and this is why you can import this CAD geometry into OnScale.

    Unfortunately as there will be no further updates to PZFlex it may be that your only solution would be to use OnScale and simulate this on the cloud. If possible can you send through the STEP file to support@onscale.com and we can have a look at it there to see if there is definitely nothing we can do to help you here. 

    Best regards,


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