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I have asked a similar question before but I want to be more specific.

I am trying to simulate a breathing crack and want to know if the following is possible.

1) I want to create a rectangular plate with a crack in the middle.

2) Excite a signal from one end and receive it from the other end.

3) When the pressure hits the crack surface, crack will start to breath (closes for compression and opens for tension).

4) I want to see the guided wave interaction with breathing crack which will show the nonlinear behavior.


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    Hi there,

    All of your questions are possible, here is some guidance (refer to command reference where I have quoted commands):

    1 & 3 Yes you can do this, if you debond the nodes (as shown in the example provided in your last post), the "crack" will breathe as soon as the pressure hits it.

    2. Yes. To do this you should use the plod command to input a signal at one end and use pout hist to output the signal at the other end.

    4. You can view guided waves, here is an example that might help


    I hope this answers your questions.

    Best Regards,


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  • Thank you very much.

    Also, how can I visualize the breathing effect? I want to visualize it and save it as a video.


    Thank you,


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  • Hi Parks,

    Yes you can visualise the breathing effect. If you look at the example Chloe linked to in your last post, at the bottom of this file you will find the code that creates plots during the simulation (see below)

    • set imag avi - tells the solver to save the next plots as a .avi file
    • imag (line 155) - saves ydsp and dgap plots to .avi file

    At the end of the sim you will find a video file in the cloud storage. During execution on the cloud you can view cloud runtime graphics, image below shows how to open and view the graphics.

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  • Thank you very much!

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