build a complex 3D model Answered


Can I get a 3D model by rotating the 2D model in Analyst ,like the following picture showing?And how to code?




  • Hi,

    Yes you can apply an axi-symmetric constraint to the 2D model.

    Or alternatively if you are working with CAD you can import that model into designer or analyst mode. If you are using this option you could import a quarter symmetry model and apply symm conditions to the appropriate sides of the model

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  • Hi

    Thanks,I will follow your advice and have a try.

    And the following several questions have not been solved and several posts have been pending approval.Please check them .

    Best regards

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  • We will answer the questions when we can.

    There is a bug with in the application that is preventing AVI files being written out after a simulatuion for this we apologies for this it will be fixed in our next release.


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