Flux boundary conditions and mechanic coupling Answered

Dear support community,

since quite a while I am failing to use a "flux" BC together with "cupl mech". All temperatures and displacements result in zeros. Here is a simple example: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fdn458jf7a8p4si/Example%20Code.zip?dl=0

If line 199 is changed to "cupl off" I seem to get correct results for the temperature.

It would be extremely helpful to learn why the mechanic coupling does not work. Is it not supposed to work this way? Am I using it wrong? Is it a bug?

Best regards


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  • Hi Clemens,

    I've had a look at this and managed to get something running can you let me know if the results make sense when you make these changes.

    1. BOUN DEFN should be changed to
      defn flt4 flux func hflux
    2. When using the thermal solver you need to set a base temp I just set it to 1.0. Set this after the PRCS step
      symb base_temp = 1.0
      set tmpr $base_temp

    For reference I've emailed you a copy of files one I cleaned up and added runtime graphics to for local testing. This will work on the cloud if you want to view it.


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