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I have been looking to try and add a couple of new materials into my sonar transducer model, but have been having some difficulty getting a sufficiently complete set of properties, even after I have contacted the manufacturers directly. Specifically, I want to trial a couple of different backing materials: Divinycell H60 Foam and SADM 0.5 or 1.0.

There are two questions that I have as a result:

1. Where did OnScale / PZFlex find the detailed material properties in the database, or did you have to make your own measurements?

2. If I can't get sufficiently detailed material properties, what would be your advice regarding how to simulate these alternative materials using the existing options? For example, would it make any sense to copy the nearest available material, and tweak some of the properties?

Many thanks for your help,



  • Hi Charlie,

    OnScales material database was constructed using data from literature. If any materials have been defined this way in any of our examples the materials file contain information on where they cited from.

    You could vary existing material properties but you would need to find materials in likeness to the one you are trying to define then alter it as you please. 

    For the material Divinycell H60 Foam I found the following material properties here with the density, bulk and shear modulus known you can define the material. Unfortunately however I could not come across more for the material SADM 0.5 and 1.0:

    If you would like to simulate the impact of damping in your model we have an article here on how to properly defnine damping properties:

    Best regards, 


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  • Hi Oliver,

    Thanks for the information - the link to the matweb is handy, as is the damping article. Hopefully this should give me a good starting point.



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