Dynamic material properties Answered

Dear support team!

Is there a way or possibly a workaround to change material properties during wave propagation? I would like to simulate a dynamic, active material, undergoing a step-change in attenuation.


  • Hi Clemens,

    So there is no way to change material properties mid execution.

    Are you looking to simulate this so the material properties are constantly updating during wave propagation? How would you normally do this in practice?

    Or could you treat the materials as two separate materials and have a wave propagating from material into another?

    Best regards,


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  • Hi Oliver,

    I am working on a material which properties can be changed, e.g. by illumination with light. I want to simulate what happens if I do that.

    My attempt was to have the wave propagate through material #1, then save the elastic fields. In a 2nd step I start a simulation with material #2 (changed properties), load the wavefields from before and continue the simulation. However, in addition to the effect that I wanted to see, I get a constant local displacement when I do that.

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