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I have some problem to fix the direction of the propagation (pressure wave) on the interface of two materials. The two materials are water and tissue. I tried to make the wave propagate just in the positive direction (inside tissue), but the wave also propagate in the negative direction (inside water). If I change "water" to "void", then the wave just propagate inside the tissue (positive direction). I used "plod" as follow:

pdef drv1 func  
vctr vct1 1. 0. 0.
sdef drv1 vct1 $i2 $i2 $j1 $j2

Would you please help me on this issue?

Thank you.


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  • Hi Ahmed,

    Because you are defining the load between two materials you will always see this wave propagating in the negative direction. 

    If you assign an absorbing boundary condition (ABSR) to the side XMIN the wave propagating in the negative direction won't reflect back. 

    Best regards,

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