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Hi there,

About a month ago I attended the "Getting into Modal Analysis with OnScale Solve!" webinar. As I return to OnScale Solve now to to run a basic modal analysis of a flat plate, I can't seem to figure it out. Is this functionality currently available in OnScale Solve or is still in testing? Is a recording of the webinar available? I was able to find some tutorials online for modal analysis in OnScale but not OnScale Solve, are there any tutorials available for modal analysis in OnScale Solve?


  • Hi Ronan,

    Here's a link to the webinar if you fill out the form on the page you will be able to watch the webinar again.

    I recently took sometime off, since then some things have changed from when I personally lasted used the modal features in OnScale Solve.

    To perform a modal analysis click Mechanical Environment which can be found on the left of the UI either on the Physics or Simulator tab clicking this brings up the Analysis options. Just change this from Static to Modal.

    After you do this just mesh and estimate the model as demonstrated in the webinar.

    I'll check the current state of our documentation to see if we have any tutorials, if not I will make a note to add some to our documentation for OnScale Solve.

    Hopefully this has helped but if not let us know and we'll be happy to help.


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  • Hi Oliver,

    Thank you for the webinar link and the tips. I figured there was a button I was missing somewhere. I was able to run a simple modal analysis of a flat plate with your help. On to bigger things now!

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  • Hi Ronan,

    Glad I could help, hopefully you don't have anymore issues going forward but if you do just create another post and myself or one of my colleagues will respond.


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