How to read file .flxffl from Free Field Boundaries mode Answered

Can you teach me how to do free field boundaries mode and how to open .flxffl files?


  • Hi,

    Please see the example here. Feel free to post again if you have further questions.

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  • Thank you for your example

    But if I already have .flxffl file, where can I open it 

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  • The .flxffl file is meant to be read in by OnScale software for use in further calculations. Somewhat similar to extrapolation files. It is not intended to be opened by users to view its contents, as such there is no viewer for this type of file.

    What exactly do you wish to access in this file, perhaps I can suggest an alternative workflow?

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  • Can you explain how to use free field boundary on this extrapolation tool?

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  • Please review this article. This interface performs the same operations described here. You can find the meaning of the parameters in the Review section of the command reference under the ffld sub-command of the extr command.


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