3D Symmetric Answered

Hi i want to see the cross section view of 3d PMUT, so i made half of it and use symmetric to see the cross section.Actually, i did get a cross section view, but now i want to see the whole PMUT, i mean made by symmetric.

Is there any method i can see the whole material or i should made it again without symmetric to see the materials.

Thank you for helping me.

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  • You can use the

    mirr y on

    command to show the other half. You can find more details on this command in the command reference.

    Area scaling is not a rotation parameter. It is a scaling factor used to scale the dimension length perpendicular to the symmetry axis and get the correct cross-sectional area of an electrode. It is used to correctly calculate electrode electrical measurements and nothing else. It is not required for an axisymmetric model.

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