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Hello fellow users of Onscale,

At the moment I'm having trouble understanding the difference between regn and blok, the explanations given in HELP weren't much helpfull.



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    Hi Bruno,

    Thanks for using the forum.

    The use of each command is the same, to apply a block of material to the mesh.

    The key difference is that REGN uses mesh nodes to define material. The values accepted in this command are the integer IJK values for the structured mesh. The defined material will always have surfaces parallel to each of the XYZ axes.

    BLOK in the otherhand allows uses to apply materials using the global XYZ positions.The values accepted here are the floats that represents the distances on the mesh.

    BLOK also has the ability to apply local axis system to rotate or translate an object as well so it has bit more functionality that regn.

    Hope this makes things a little clearer.



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