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I am trying to model a simple pressure load in a water medium that emanates from a circular transducer in 2D. However, when reading the time history at any point in the vicinity of the source (including right on the interface boundary), output waveform does not resemble the input waveform very well (e.g. a 1.2Mhz sinusoidal pulse produces an output with lots of distortion and more peaks/troughs than it should). This seems to occur both at the near field and far field, although my far-field results are additionally distorted by small reflections from the boundaries (even though they are set to "absorbing"), so it is hard to gauge where the issue lies. I am thinking that there is something fundamental pertaining to Onscale that I am not understanding, so I would appreciate any guidance.

For reference, I have exclusively been operating in Designer Mode.



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    Hi Chris,


    Could you please share your files via your preferred file sharing service and we can take a look for you.


    Best Regards,


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  • Hi Chris,


    The absorbing boundaries may still have some reflections if they are not far away enough from the source so I would recommend trying the following.


    • Increase the extents of the water so the absr BCs are further away
    • Add in viscous hourglass suppression to the water, start with the default value of 0.1
    • Increase the mesh so the source is less stair-stepped

    I hope this helps.


    Best Regards,


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