Character array exceeded 回答済み

I am trying to create many line elements and I get the following error:

**** PZFlex has detected an error****
****Subroutines tracked are: cormgc extdta lnrinp jobctl flex
****Error occurred in subroutine cormgc ****
****Error message****
character array exceeded by lnrn
100000 1001


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    The memory allocated for numeric and character data can be set using the mem command.

    The default is 400 MB for numeric memory and 2 MB for character memory. If you get the above error you must increase the character memory. For example:

    mem 400 200

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  • Thank you so much.

    I tried running a different program with more char arrays

    I used "mem 800 200" and got the same error again.

    Is there a maximum value for character memory?

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