Woven CFRP Inspection 2D



Acoustic pressure plot during runtime

Model Description

This simple 2D model simulates an immersion A-Scan inspection of a woven CFRP composite.

The model is comprised of a woven CFRP component with a 8 layers and a weave thickness of 200 um and resin thickness 3 um. Layers of cloth are read into OnScale and their orientations adjusted to match the layup. This example is a [45/90/-45/0]s layup​. 


Model geometry


The outputs from this model are:

  • Time History
    • Transducer received A-Scan signal


A-Scan output 

Runtime Statistics

Degrees of Freedom

1.5 million

Solve Time

 23 min (4 CPUs)

Core Hours


Memory Usage

109 MB 


The following input files are required to run this model, click here to download the input files:

Download: Woven CFRP Inspection