Tapered CFRP Component


Coverage map of tapered CFRP component B-Scan

Model Description

This 2D model simulates an immersion B-Scan inspection of a tapered CFRP component.

The model comprises of a CFRP taper with 25 ply layers at the thick section and contains 16 ply drops to generate a taper angle of approximately 30°. A focused immersion inspection is simulated with the focus at the center of the component thickness.

The simulated model area is reduced and the transducer is approximated with a smaller stand off distance to allow for efficient simulations to be performed.im2.png

Model geometry showing transducer focus and modelled region

Design Variables

The base model allows the following design variables to be adjusted (indicated by *).

Parametric Variable


Default Value


Location in x direction of transducer

10 mm


Transducer center frequency

6 MHz


Transducer radius

25.4 mm


Transducer focal length

38.1 mm


Transducer incidence angle


The outputs from this model are:

  • Transducer received A-Scan signal
  • Maximum velocity magnitude to plot the beam profile


B-Scan result

Runtime Statistics

Degrees of Freedom


Solve Time

 466 secs (8 CPUs)

Core Hours

 1.17 (per simulation)

Memory Usage

 191 MB (per simulation)


The following input files are required to run this model, click here to download the input files:

Download: CFRP Taper Model