Help Documentation

OnScale's MATLAB Toolbox contains inbuilt help documentation to help users get started. 


The help documentation includes:

  • How To’s – Information on how to perform basic operations within the toolbox
  • Examples – Pre-built MATLAB example scripts
  • Function list – List of functions available within the toolbox and their syntax
  • Cheat sheet – For current users of OnScale, this provides information on the MATLAB toolbox equivalents of the OnScale input file commands

Note: For information on the capabilities of the toolbox. Click here.

How to Access Documentation

The help documentation can be accessed in numerous ways.

Upon Installation

When installing from the toolbox installation file (*.mltbx), MATLAB will open a window to allow the help to be automatically opened after installation:


Help Button 

The help documentation can also be accessed from the main MATLAB help documentation. This documentation can be opened from Help dropdown of the MATLAB Home ribbon or by pressing F1:


The OnScale MATLAB Toolbox help documentation can then be accessed in the Supplemental Software section of the MATLAB documentation:


Add-Ons Button

The OnScale MATLAB Toolbox help documentation can also be accessed from the MATLAB Add-On Manager. This can be opened by selecting Manage Add-Ons in the Add-Ons drop down of the MATLAB Home ribbon:


The help documentation can then be opened by selecting the ellipsis highlighted below. This is also where the toolbox can be uninstalled.


Context Menu

For more specific help on methods you can highlight the method and right-click and select Help on ... or highlight the method and press F1:




If you require support or have any feature requests please reach out via the forum.