Welcome to OnScale's Toolbox for MATLAB®!


What Is The OnScale Toolbox for MATLAB®?

OnScale's Toolbox for MATLAB provides functions for building, submitting, downloading and post-processing jobs. The toolbox can be used to run any existing OnScale input file or you can create your model in MATLAB using the application specific classes.

Note: The only application specific classes available currently are for general pressure acoustics and RF simulations. But there are more to come soon!

There are many post-processing functions available to easily extract KPIs from simulations. For example, users can calculate resonance frequencies, peak-to-peak values, bandwidth etc. and even build their own custom functions too.

The toolbox is designed to provide a smooth workflow for running and processing OnScale simulations. It has been designed so that users have more flexibility and customization when setting up workflows. The toolbox can also work in conjunction with MATLAB Toolboxes such as Optimization Toolbox. Combining OnScale's solver capability and cloud computing with MATLAB's expansive function base gives you everything you need to get what you want out of your simulations.


OnScale Account

You do not need a separate account to use the Toolbox. However you do need an OnScale account. If you're here, chances are you've already signed up for an account and downloaded OnScale.

If not, it couldn't be easier! Visit our website to register for an account. Once you've confirmed your email address, head to Downloading & Installing to download OnScale.


You also need a recent version of MATLAB. Currently the toolbox is only supported in v2018b or later


The toolbox is available for Windows and Linux systems. See Downloading & Installing for installers and instructions.

Toolbox Structure

The toolbox utilises object-oriented programming (OOP) to organise data into objects and perform operations using methods. There are multiple classes for the different sections of simulation workflow:

  • Account - Stores user credentials and account settings
  • SimMaterials - Contains methods for storing material data
  • GeneralSim, RFSim - Contains methods for different types of model creation based on application. 
  • Job - Stores job information and contains methods for submitting jobs to the cloud and downloading results.
  • PostProcess - Contains methods for post processing, including calculations, KPI extraction and plotting.


 What's Next?

Try the toolbox out for yourself. Find simple download and installation instructions here!