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Tapered CFRP Component – OnScale

I built a model based on this example, but I found that the received A-Scan signal was always the same for 6 consecutive values, which also existed in the example and was as shown in the column 2 of figure below.

However,  the result is OK in the below woven example. Woven CFRP Inspection 2D – OnScale

So, what's the problem of Tapered CFRP, and how can I make a value appear only once?

Thanks in advance.


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    Hi Zhuang Li,

    I apologize for the delay. The repeated values are caused by zoning (which speeds up the model). See this article for more details. If you comment out the zone auto command in the script the values won't be repeated.

    Best Regards,


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  • Hello there, could anybody help me?

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  • Hi Chloe,

    Thanks for your help before.

    I comment out the zone auto command in my code the values won't be repeated. But the signals before and after comment are different.

    Other code is all same. Could you tell me what's wrong? Is the zoning (which speeds up the model) causing the wrong result?

    Thanks a lot.

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