How can i creat electrode in a cmut model in Designer mode Answered

I try to build a cmut cell model and i don't know how to apply both DC and AC voltage. Should I create electrode and apply voltage first or no material just apply load


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    You cannot set up CMUT models in Designer. You should be scripting in Analyst.

    Here is example code for setting a DC Bias with an AC function.

        /* Define Custom Bias function named 'ramp' with 3 samples
        hist ramp 3
        0.0        0.0
        $tRamp  $bias
        1.0     $bias

        /* Name of function - 'funcBIAS'
        name BIAS
        /* AC Signal triggering at $t3
        blak $freqint $vdriv $t3 
        /* Combine AC signal with DC Bias Signal
      hist ramp 1. add

    Here is a starting point for learning about the simulation process for CMUTS: 

    If you are unfamiliar with the code base, I would start with a more simple coded example first: 



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  • can i ask why cmut can not be realized in designer?

    can i apply pressure as the dc bias voltage?


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  • Designer is not designed for complex CMUT simulations so will not support specific setup requirements for this application.

    Please read through the article link above regarding CMUT simulations for a full understanding of how we approach simulating CMUTS.

    You can download an example here:


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