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I'm using the sample input file and review file to plot the dispersion curves. Is there any way to output the values of phase velocity and frequency from the review file since we want to know the exact values at some particular frequencies? Thanks.


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    Hi Jinny,

    In the input file (.flxinp) you can output mode shapes that can get you xyz velocities at specific frequencies, you can then output the raw data to a .mat file or a .csv file, view the mode shape in Post Processor or plot it in Review.

    Here is a couple of things that will help you:

    Calculating Mode Shape

    To extract a mode shape you need to use the shap command (see command ref for more details).

    c Set up mode shape
           freq 1e6 /* Frequency to extract mode shape at
           data xvel /* Calculate xyz velocity data arrays at chosen frequency
           data yvel
           data zvel

    Output to Post Processor

    At the end of the .flxinp you can output to .flxdato file to view in Post Processor:

           out shap/all

    Here is a video on how to view the mode shape in PP.

    Output to CSV

    At the end of the .flxinp you can also output real and imag data to csv file:

        cddo shap/xvel:r1 'real_xvel.csv' * * * *
        cddo shap/xvel:i1 'imag_xvel.csv' * * * *

    If you would rather have the magnitude and phase data, you need to covert real and imag to mag and phase first, then output it:

      polr shap/xvel:r1 shap/xvel:i1 to shap/xvel:m1 shap/xvel:p1
      cddo shap/xvel:m1 'mag_xvel.csv'  * * * * 
      cddo shap/xvel:p1 'phase_xvel.csv'  * * * *

    Plot in Review

    Here is a script that plots the mode shape in Review.

    I hope this helps!

    Best Regards,

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