Setting OnScale with a 4K Screen (3840*2160 High Resolution)

If your computer is equipped with a high 4K resolution screen, you will notice that when you open OnScale, the windows will look compressed and deformed and some icons will be displayed very small like in the following picture:


Please follow this procedure to solve this issue:

1- Open the folder in which the OnScale.exe executable is located:

If you didn't change it, the default path is C:\Program Files\OnScale\Flex\Programs



2- Right click and open the properties of the executable

In the "Compatibility" Tab, click on "Change high DPI settings"


3- Select the following options:

  1. Check the option "Use this setting to fix scaling problems for this program instead of the one in Settings"
  2. Select "I open this program"
  3. Check "override high DPI scaling behavior. Scaling performed by"
  4. Select "System"


4- Click now on "Open Advanced Settings"

  1. Enter a custom scaling value of 190 (Recommended Setting)
  2. Click on Apply


5- Open OnScale and verify that the interface is now scaled properly