Running an Example Model

If you are an OnScale beginner, it is good to get started by running one of our many example models provided on our Help Center Examples Page. This page has multiple models for different applications already set up, all you need to do is download and run! 

The following video demonstrates how to download, run and post process our 2D FBAR Example Model.

To start with, you can download the model by clicking on this button:

Download: the FBAR 2D Model

This video covers:

  • Running sweep on cloud
  • Downloading results
  • Post Processing
    • Plotting impedance
    • Plotting mode shapes



  1. Open OnScale in Analyst Mode
  2. From the Help tab, select Filter
  3. Select the FBAR 2D Example
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the Download button
  5. Unzip the folder
  6. Open 'fbar_2D.flxinp'
  7. Select Run on Cloud
  8. Set End Value of 'aln_thk' to 10e-7
  9. Set Steps of 'aln_thk' to 2
  10. Select Estimate
  11. Select Run
  12. Right click on a simulation and select View Simulation Results
  13. CTRL + Select Folders Simulation 1, Simulation 2 and Simulation 3
  14. Select Download > Download Selected
  15. Close Cloud Storage
  16. Switch to Post Processing Mode
  17. In File Explorer, locate the downloaded results
  18. Expand all three folders and double click each file names 'fbar_2D.flxhst'
  19. In Results Manager, select pize top:Voltage and the select the Impedance button
  20. Repeat Step 19 for every instance of pize top:Voltage  in Results Manager
  21. In Results Manager > Frequency History double click every instance of Impd:top.amp
  22. In Plot Controls, select Log yAxis
  23. In Plot Controls, select Clear All Curves
  24. In File Explorer, expand folder 1 and double click file named 'shape.flxdato'
  25. Expand Data Out > shape > Grid > Mode Shapes > ydsp
  26. Right click on ydsp and select Plot data over time 
  27. In Plot Controls, select Play

Try For Yourself

Now try running one of our other example models from the Help Center Examples Page.