OnScale Setup

System requirements

End User License Agreement (EULA)

Running an Example Model

Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Proxy Setting Guide

Setting OnScale with a 4K Screen (3840*2160 High Resolution)

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OnScale Introduction

Working Efficiently with the 3 OnScale Modes: Designer, Analyst and Post-Processing

The Basics

OnScale Interface

Cloud Workflow

Cloud Storage & Results

Designer vs Analyst

OnScale Workflow

1. Model Inputs & Meshing

2. Materials & Geometry

3. Boundary Conditions & Loading

4. Model Outputs

5. Model Execution

6. Summary


Disable Initial Cloud Login

How to change your account details

How to add engineers to your Team

Running Simulations Locally

Local Solver Utilization

Boundary Conditions


Free Field Boundaries

How to apply symmetry

How to apply your own boundary conditions

IMPD (Impedance) vs. ABSR (Absorbing) Boundary Conditions

Impedance & Periodic Boundaries in Designer


Adding & Linking Files to Cloud Jobs

Cloud Runtime Graphics

Cloud Scheduler: Estimate Override

Manual Estimates on the Cloud

What are Core-Hours? How are they estimated?


Array Manager

Debugging in OnScale

FFT what does it mean?

Input and Output File Types in OnScale

What can be simulated in OnScale?


Electric Window

Geometry Interface Loads

How to Define Your Own Drive Function


How meshing relates to wavelength in OnScale

What are #keycord and #keyindx

What are Keypoints?


Calculating Piezoelectric Material Properties from Material Datasheet

Copying Materials & Dummy Materials

Cylindrical Material Poling

How can biological materials be analysed in OnScale?

Material Conversion

What are Anisotropic and Piezoelectric Materials?

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Calculating Energy Dissipation with CALC LOSS

Calculating Energy Integrals with CALC PZENRG

Data Fields

How to Export Data to Matlab

Mode Shape Normalisation


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Change the color table of the Legend in OnScale post process

Exporting Array Data into Text or CSV

Exporting Time Histories in Text Format

Generating Images and Videos using OnScale

GRPH command (plotting materials)

Plotting data fields

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How to parameterise CAD using OnShape

How to perform a modal analysis with OnScale?

If the frequency of my transducer changes from 1 MHz to 10 MHz, should I also change the mesh size?

Is There Any Way to Speed Up My Model?


Axis Tool

Batch Controller Tool

Circuit Tool

Damping Tool

GDS Import Tool

Job Scheduler Tool

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