Updating to OnScale 1.30.3: Designer Changes

OnScale 1.30.3 includes a number of small fixes to improve usability. In addition, there are some changes to the Designer interface as follows.

Changes to the New Project Window

The New Project window has been updated:


The key changes are:

  • You can now import a CAD file when creating a new project (previously this had to be done in a second step via Home > Import).
  • You must now select an analysis type (Mechanical Static or Mechanical Dynamic) when creating a new project, using the Analysis dropdown.
  • Some options are now hidden by default. You can still show these by selecting the Advanced checkbox.
  • You can now access example static and dynamic projects via the Examples tab.

Favoriting Materials

In the Materials Database, you can now favorite materials that you regularly work with by clicking the star icon:


To clear a favorite, just click the star icon again. To clear all your favorites, right-click and select Clear Favorites.

Context Menu for Points, Edges and Surfaces

The right-click context menu now shows additional options after a point, edge or surface has been selected.

Point/edge/surface selection is available from the Model Graphics tab of the ribbon:

After choosing a selection type, left-click a point, edge or surface of your model to select it. You can then right-click anywhere in your model to see new options as follows.


  • Add Key-Point
  • Attach Time History

Edges and Surfaces

  • Apply Load
  • Attach Time Average