Primitives are a feature in Designer that allows users to build models using editable geometries.

Set Up

To make use of the primitives in Designer you must first create a new project and set the Model Type to 3D.

The primitives won't be available in 2D or 2D axi-symmetric models. Once the project has been created the primitives will be accessible from the Home Tab or the Site Tool in the Tools Tab, they can also be created by right-clicking the Model Tree menu.

Once a primitive has been created it will appear in the Model Tree menu click on that primitive to bring up it's properties where they can be edited to suit user requirements. Here materials can also be assigned to the primitives exactly like it would be done if assigning a material to a Geometry part from the properties menu.

The video below demonstrates the process of building a 1-3 Piezocomposite model with 100 pillars using CTS 3203HD Piezoceramic and a hardset epoxy filler.