How to apply your own boundary conditions

OnScale has a number of default options for boundary conditions that cover the vast majority of cases. However, there will be times when you would like to apply your own boundary conditions to a model, for instance you may wish to apply a measured velocity function into your model, or apply the receive part of a pulse-echo model.

       hist myboundata * myfilename.dat   /* reads in user file func 
       hist myboundata       /* assigns hist to func for later use boun
       side xmin vel func   /* velocity condition applied via func

Alternatively, you can apply your own condition to act as an absorber (useful if your model has components that will reflect energy back toward to the boundary condition):

      file myfilename.flxffl   /* this file must have been created in OnScale prior to application here
        side ymax absr
        side xmin ffld
        side xmax absr