Input and Output File Types in OnScale

Any interaction with OnScale is done through input and output files. These different file types provide flexibility in setup, execution, monitoring and post-processing. These files can be used as inputs to the code and for storing code output. The OnScale work-spaces all use a variety of different file types.

Used in OnScales Analyst mode and serves as an input to the code here output files can be requested by the user in the code.

OnScale Model Files (Text)
Type Extension Description Read Write
Job  .flxinp Contains commands in batch format that create a  job  Yes Yes
Review .revinp Information about snapshot and time history or other x-y data files Yes  Yes
Build .bldinp This file provides all the nodal coordinates for the skewed partition Yes  Yes
Command log .flxprt Record of all operations performed by the solvers Yes Yes
Warning .flxwrn Record of all warnings flagged during the run process  Yes Yes

Model information and snapshots of field variable arrays can be saved as various output files for future post-processing/plotting. These files are used and loaded into OnScales post-processor mode.

OnScale Binary Data (Text)
Type Extension Description Read Write
Result .flxdato Contains data arrays for input/output and use in Flex models Yes Yes
Time History .flxhst Time vs data field records Yes  Yes
Model .flxmdl Contains material and geometry information Yes  Yes
Extrapolation .flxext Stores time histories at extrapolation boundary Yes Yes
Free Field  .flxffl Stores Free Field (FFLD) information at FFLD regions Yes Yes
Shape .shphst Contains all the velocity information that is created  Yes Yes

These file types are used in the OnScale Designer workspace.

Project Data (JSON)
Type Extension Description Read Write
Project .jfp projects are contained within these files (requires other files to use) Yes Yes
Project .jfpx OnScale designer can be exported entire models from designer Yes  Yes

These file types can be imported into Designer projects.

Type Extension Description Read Write
STEP .step / .stp projects are contained within these files (requires other files to use) Yes No