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I am new to OnScale. To familiarise myself with the software, I have been going through the resources online and I keep getting lost whilst going through them. So, I am hoping that I can be pointed in the right direction via this support forum.

I want to model a set of geometries for characterisation, using PZT-4. I also need to isolate the resonance modes and get the impedance spectrum.

Please help.

Thank you.

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    Hi Olubunmi,


    Welcome to the forum. 


    Here are a few resources I recommend for beginners:

    We have two methods in which you can build models, Analyst uses scripting and Designer uses a GUI. For beginners I would recommend initially using Designer. The tutorials are a step by step process of how to build, run and post process a model. Here is our list of tutorials. Try running through some of these, a lot of them include how to set up a piezoelectric model and plot the impedance spectrum, extracting resonances.

    You can parameterise geometries in Designer using the Parameter Table. This allows you to run geometric sweeps on the cloud.


    I hope this helps.


    Best Regards,




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