Bimorph Piezoelectric Actuator


Model Description

A 2D model which places 2 long layers of piezoelectric material together, bonded along the length of the material. Both layers are poled in the same direction. The central electrode is connected to the ground, while the upper and lower electrodes are connected together, connected to a voltage source with a resistor connected in series. The value of resistor was chosen to reduce ringdown time (time until model reaches a steady-state). The x-minimum extent of this model has been fixed when the electrodes are excited the model will vibrate.


Parametric Variables

The model allows the following design variables to be adjusted to control the dimensions of the piezoelectric layers (layers 1 and 2 are the same material):

Parametric Variable


Default Value


Length of the PZT

40 mm


Thickness of the first layer of PZT

5 mm


Thickness of the second layer of PZT

5 mm


Here are a list of the types of outputs to expect from this model:

  • Time Histories (XY Graphs)
    • Drive input signal
    • Voltage and charge on electrodes
    • Y Displacement on free end of the model
  • Field Data
    • Maximum Y Displacement in Model
  • Mode Shapes (Harmonic Analysis) of base design
    • Requested at 0 and 180 degrees for plots 


Runtime Statistics

Model size

256 elements

Solve Time

20 s (2 CPU)

Core Hours


Memory Usage

4 MB

Recommended CPU Configuration



The following input files are required to run this model, click here to download the input files:

Download: Bimorph Example