OnScale Interface

OnScale is the full application suite that allows you to construct models and analyse results:


OnScale offers 3 available work modes:

  • Designer Mode - An accessible but powerful approach to building models. Use parametric primitives and CAD geometry as a starting point for simulations. 
  • Analyst Mode - An advanced method for building models using the robust symbol scripting language, which offers more flexibility than a graphical approach.
  • Post Process - A suite of tools to visualize and analyze output data generated from OnScale simulations.

More details about the 3 modes of Analysis can be found in a Video here

Cloud Features

For those new to OnScale, there are six main icons:



  • Run on Cloud 
    • Any model input file (.flxinp) currently active in the editor or designer project (.jfp) can be submitted to the Cloud Scheduler ready to be executed on the cloud


  • Job Status
    • The progress of active jobs can be tracked in the Job Status window
    • This also allows the user to see a history of previously run jobs and their associated dates


  • Storage
    • Opens the Cloud Storage bucket where all results from Cloud jobs will be stored
    • All results can be downloaded to the local machine for analysis

  • Examples
    • Directs users to pre-existing examples designed by OnScale to demonstrate a variety of multi-physics modeling capabilities
    • All models can be downloaded and modified
    • All models have a help page to guide the user through the OnScale workflow


  • Preview Model
    • Feature to check through model to ensure model reaches the execution stage thus, ready for Cloud execution



OnScale will have optional and mandatory updates available. If an optional update is available the Cloud Scheduler will display a link to the update:


If an update is mandatory, the user will not be able to continue using the application until it has been updated. A mandatory update is also displayed in Cloud Scheduler with a link to the update:


Note: The user also will not be able to access their storage until a mandatory update has been performed, the following error will be displayed: