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It can sometimes be difficult to navigate the mountains of resources that often come with CAE software such as OnScale. Hopefully, this article steers you in the right direction whether you are a new, beginner or advanced user of OnScale.

New users

If you are brand new to OnScale we recommend going through our Getting Started documentation to get up and running with the software.  This covers how to sign up for an account, download and install the software. It also goes over the basics of what the software can be used for and how to use the different modes: Designer, Analyst and Post Processor.

We recommend that new users begin modelling in Designer. This is our Graphical User Interface (GUI) approach to building models. Every section of Designer is covered in our Beginner’s Tutorial and is a good jump off point for new users of this tool. There is also a Beginner’s Video Series which consists of 10 videos that walks you through everything from creating a new project to running parametric sweeps in Designer. For application specific resources, take a look at our Tutorials and Examples that cover a wide range of application areas.

There are also many 20 minute introductory Webinars available on our website which consist of short demonstrations of the Designer interface and walk through many of the models found in our examples.


If you have gotten to grips with the software and are ready to start building models, we recommend choosing one of our Simulation Guides to run through. There are guides for many different application areas such as RF, MEMs, Sensors etc. Within the simulation guides are three pre-built models, the first is a simple 2D example which is inexpensive and can be easily adapted and run. Most models in these guides are built using our scripting method, Analyst. The models are built parametrically so they can be adapted. You do not need to be an expert in Analyst to run these models. All inputs to the model are commented at the top of the file.


If you wish to get more familiar with Analyst and the process of coding models, we have a Beginner’s Tutorial which covers the basic commands required to build a model. For application specific resources, take a look at our Tutorials and Examples that cover a wide range of application areas.

Advanced users

Advanced users of OnScale are recommended to build models in Analyst due to the highly customizable nature of scripting. Also, all of OnScale’s solver functionality is available in Analyst, but not Designer. The full Command Reference for Analyst can be found in Analyst > Help > Command Reference.

There are multiple 1 hour long Webinars available on our website which cover more advanced topics such as optimization, machine learning, massive design studies etc. There are also a number of Whitepapers which cover similar topics.

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New Users