Using CAD Geometries and OnScale Basic Geometric Shapes to Build a Model

OnScale allows users to import their CAD geometries as well as build up their own using OnScale's Basic Primitive Shapes. However, these methods of model building do not need to be independent of one another! Users can import CAD geometries and add and edit these models using OnScale's Primitive Shapes.

The following video will show you how to import your CAD file into Designer Mode and use the geometric shapes to add parts to the model. In this video we import a CAD file of a 3D Transducer (for more detail on the model click here) and add a water load in front of it. We also create a steel sphere submerged in the water to analyse the behavior of the wave as it comes into contact with the steel.

This video covers: 

  • Combining CAD with geometric shapes
  • Material assignment
  • Simulation set up 

Try for yourself

Download: 3D Transducer