Time of Flight Diffraction 3D Simulation to Inspect Weld

The Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) method of ultrasonic testing is typically used for the inspection of weld joints. A TOFD system consists of a pair of ultrasonic probes that are sat on either side of the weld. One of the probes acts as a transmitter whilst the other acts purely as a receiver, the transmitter emits an ultrasonic pulse. Signals picked up by the receiver wave are from two different waves produced by the transmit probe, a surface wave (lateral wave) and a reflection from the back wall. 

OnScale combines the capability of accurately simulating mode conversion in arbitrary geometries, with the speed to run large batches of TOFD models, making it an ideal tool for improving inspection setup.

This video shows how to set up a TOFD simulation using OnScale's basic geometric shapes. The model transmits an acoustic pressure wave from a probe mounted on a wedge and the acoustic pressure at the receiver is calculated and analysed.

This video covers:

  • Geometry Creation
  • Material assignment
  • Time function definition
  • Mesh settings
  • Keypointing
  • Pressure Loading
  • Outputs requests
  • Simulation set up 
  • Running on the cloud, downloading results and post processing the results 

Try For Yourself

Download: NDE_WEDGE