Time Averages

Time average is an output type which is available in both Analyst and Designer Mode. Time averages calculate the time-varying sum and average of the nodal elements requested. Time averages can be calculated for six data array types:

  • Acoustic Pressure
  • Displacement
  • Velocity
  • Stress
  • Strain
  • Force

Designer Mode

Time averages can be found in the Model Tree in Designer Mode at Model > Outputs.


A user can add a time average output to their model by following these steps:

  1. Select the plus icon to add an output
  2. Setting the Output Type to Time Average
  3. Choose which Data Array to average via the drop down menu
  4. Specify the region being averaged 

Analyst Mode

Time averages are created in Analyst using the calc avrg command:

avrg av1 aprs * regn $i1 $i2 $j2 $j2 /* calculates average acoustic pressure in specified region and outputs as av1