Time Histories

Users can store records of time varying fields at multiple nodes and elements in their simulations. Records such as pressure, displacement, voltage, etc. vs time are all accessible using the pout command and stored in history files (*.flxhst) for post-processing and access after the run.

By default 'flxhst' files are saved as 'jobname.flxhst', where 'jobname' is the name of the input file running. For example, a job started with the file 'transducer.flxinp' will automatically store anything defined in pout in 'transducer.flxhst'.


In an input file called 'transducer.flxinp', assume the following commands are issued:


hist pres $i1 $i1 1 $j1 $j1 $k2 $k2 1    /* pressure & x displacement on element and node respectively

hist xdsp $i1 $i1 1 $j1 $j1 $k2 $k2 1

Two time records will be recorded as the model progresses: 

  • Record '1' will be the pres (pressure) data in the specified element(s)
  • Record '2' will be the xdsp (x displacement) data at the specified node(s)

Note: This assumes the user has previous requested these qualities to be calculated in the calc command.