Data Fields


OnScale can save a wide variety of data fields at discrete 'snapshots' in time during a simulation including stresses, strains, displacements etc. This can all be captured for storage and exported using the data command.

The data command allows you to import or export any real-number data group in the code. An entire data group is transferred when imported/exported. The in subcommand is used to import and reads data groups from a data input file. The out subcommand is used to export and writes data groups to a data output file. In general, data out is most useful for saving snapshot-style results during an analysis.

By default data out files (*.flxdato) are saved as 'jobname.flxdato', where 'jobname' is the name of the input file running. For example, a job started with the file 'transducer.flxinp' will automatically store anything defined in data out in 'transducer.flxdato'.


In an input file called 'transducer.flxinp', assume the following commands are issued:

    out pres

The pressure is saved at every element in the model at the current time step as an array in the file 'transducer.flxdato'. By default, data out writes information on the model structure and material for future reference. To change the name of the file, use the file out subcommand:

    file out diffname.out
    out pres
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  • Hi, Chloe, what if I want to save my data points logarithmically not linearly, for example, save the Phase angle and Imepdance, I don't want to fit too many points that are outside of the frequency range of interest.

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  • Hi there,
    There is no command to save data points in dB but you can do this in Review or you can do this in post processor.

    If you want to see the impedance magnitude and phase in a logarithmic scale follow these steps:

    1. In post processor, double click you flxhst file
    2. Select Voltage or Charge record
    3. Select Impedance button
    4. In Frequency History double click impedance amplitude
    5. In Plot Controls, tick Log yAxis

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