Adding Keypoints


We've created our mesh. Next let's add some keypoints.

Adding keypoints isn't essential but it's recommended. In OnScale the spacing throughout a grid doesn't have to be regular. By adding keypoints, you can ensure that the meshing is appropriate for your model.

This idea is best explained with an example. Consider the following two models:


In the model on the left, no keypoints have been defined and so a regularly spaced grid is used. The correct size of the dark blue PZT material is indicated by the white dotted line. As you can see, due to the regular size of the grid elements, the PZT geometry isn't quite accurate.

In the model on the right, however, keypoints have been defined: these are shown by the red dots in the image. Here the spacing in the grid is not regular: the element size between the keypoints has been squeezed slightly to ensure that the grid fits between the keypoints.

As you can see, by adding keypoints we can ensure the accuracy of our model.

Adding Keypoints to the X- and Y-Axes

Follow these steps:

  1. In the Model Tree, click  beside Keypoints to show the Keypoint Definition window.


  2. In the Keypoint box, type 10 and then click Place Point.

    Note: You can also click on your model to add a keypoint, but for accurate placement you must type the keypoint position.

  3. In the Axis dropdown, select Y-Axis.
  4. In the Keypoint box, type 4 and then click Place Point.
  5. In the Keypoint box, type 6 and then click Place Point.

Note: You may have noticed that we can't use parameters when defining keypoints. This is currently only possible in Analyst.

What Next?

Next let's add some loads, which will represent electrodes in our model.

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  • I can't see the "ruler ticks" in X- and Y- direction as shown above. Why ?

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  • Hi James,

    We have changed from VTK to Open Cascade so the ruler ticks are no a feature but you can enter the value you want directly into the keypoint dialogue box.

    Best Regards,

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