Adding a Forcing Function

A forcing function is required to run a model. For our model we'll add a time forcing function. Later, when adding our loads (which in our model will represent electrodes) we'll associate one of these loads with this function.

The time function is generally a short pulse that allows the system response to be extracted from a device or that can be used to analyse reflections from target. We provide a variety of time functions and you can also define your own.

Note: OnScale is based in the time domain. We work with analog signals (waveforms varying over time) that directly correlate with real-world signals. This lets you recreate experimental setups directly in the software to get like-for-like datasets out.

Adding the Ricker Wavelet Function

Follow these steps:

  1. In the Model Tree, expand Forcing Functions.
  2. Beside Time, click . The Define Input Drive Function window shows.
  3. In the dropdown, select Ricker Wavelet.


  4. Click Insert.

Our time forcing function is added to the Model Tree.

Note: For the record, here's how the Ricker Wavelet input function looks in the frequency domain.


What Next?

Next let's add the parameters we'll need.