5. Field Plot

The Field Plot Tool allows you to generate a pressure field anywhere beyond the 3D space of your extrapolation boundary.

The size of the pressure plot is defined using the Field Width and Field Depth parameters. The Depth Resolution input determines the detail of the field plot i.e. how large an ‘element’ of the field is. The Propagation setting refers to the direction of the traversing wave. The Angular Rotation option allows the user to rotate the field up to 180 degrees. The Offset parameters shifts the plane in any of the XYZ directions giving you complete control over where the field plot will be extracted. To activate the tool a drive frequency must be selected by the user.

There are post-processing widgets that allow more to be shown on top of the basic pressure field plot. There are 3 widgets available: the angle measurer, the distance measurer and the spliner. The angle and distance measurer are activated by clicking on the icons in the tool bar and left clicking and dragging the mouse over the plot.The spliner tool allows you to extract the pressure data straight from the pressure plot. By placing the spliner anywhere on the pressure field, data across the spline can be exported and displayed as a graph.

The spliner tool can also be placed on the field plot by setting the XYZ input values (m) in the Spliner Points section of the window. This gives you better precision. Also, checking the User defined data range box allows you to set the minimum/maximum amplitude for the calculated field plot.