2. Location Response

The location response tool gives the user the ability to specify a point in 3D space beyond the extrapolation boundary of the model, to determine the time response of the arriving pressure wave when device was driven in the simulation. There are 2 main settings for the location response to function: the reference point and location of interest from the reference point.

The drop down menu allows you select from a range of predefined reference points and if you would like to choose your own reference point, you can select User Defined and continue to enter the position of your reference point. The XYZ values for moving the origin are referenced from the Global Origin (0,0,0) of the model: select the Global Origin point from the drop down menu to find out its location. With the reference point selected, enter your desired location in terms of XYZ distances and you shall be able to see your point of interest appear as a blue dot on the interface. Negative values are permitted for the XYZ distances.

Click the Start button and the response will be calculated and displayed graphically.

You can zoom in on certain parts of the graph using the left mouse button and are able to reset the view of the graph with a right mouse button click. Clicking on the curve response in the graph legend will bring up a window allowing you to alter the typical settings for the curve (line width, colour and line type) and the title for the graph, axes and data set. The data can be exported as a data file in comma-delimited format (.csv), saved as a jpeg or printed out using the icons below the bottom left-hand corner of the graph.