Time Function Tool

The Time Function Tool can be used to create an input drive function in which the user customises their own time function. The user has a choice between multiple different types of time functions:

  • Sinusoid Pulse
  • Blackman Harris Wavelet
  • Square Wave Pulse
  • Chirp
  • User Defined
  • Ricker Wavelet
  • Gaussian
  • Apodized Step

The user must specify some parameters for their time function ( such as frequencies and durations). Once they have done this, an image of the time function will appear on a graph. Another display will also appear which includes the option to view the command syntax of the time function, this lets the user to confirm that they have entered the correct information. The command syntax can then be copied and pasted anywhere within the Input File using the Copy and Close button and Ctrl + V to paste.