Batch Controller Tool


The Batch Controller Tool offers a simple way to perform a series of flex runs and allows the user to modify defined variables in each run. Variables are accessed by the Batch Controller Tool if they are declared as type 'symbx' rather than 'symb' (for text-driven Batches). To control the variables to sweep through for each run, the variables in the Flex Input File must be declared as the following:

symbx pztthck = 1.e-3

Selecting the Batch Controller Tool in the Tools tab of the Flex Ribbon will open the following window:

Once you have selected your Flex Input File, the sweep variable will appear in the window, allowing you to select the range and step size which dictates the number of runs in the batch. The two run modes allow either a ‘recursive’ manner (where all combinations of variable changes are explored) or a ‘sequential manner’ (where the variables will be altered in order they appear). Runs can be stopped at any time using the cancel button.

Batch Controller with User Table

The functionality in the batch controller can differ from the simple sequential or recursive batch settings. The user has the ability to create their own specific batch control using a user-defined control file.

This file should list the variables of interest on the first line. The subsequent lines will contain the values for the defined variables for each run.

Note: The names of these variables must match the SYMBX variables in the users FLXINP file and be comma delimited.

The example below shows a control file with four defined variables with ten lines of values for those variables. This will result in ten simulations with the desired values input for each run.

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