GDS Import Tool

OnScale includes a GDSII Reader to allow integrated circuit (IC) layouts to be easily imported into the OnScale modelling environment:

Basic Functionality

The reader allows the following:

  • The area of the layout to be imported through the Bounds of the GDS file. Varying the numerical size allows users to home in on the section to be modelled.
  • When the settings for the GDS file have been finalised, users can export the Stack design to file and can be re-imported back into the reader for further modifications to the design.
  • Extraction of the GDS data to create a model. Element size and Element Size Ratio can be used to control the mesh in the model to capture the layer structure accurately.

Stackup Attributes

At the bottom of the reader, the table contains all the modifiable settings of the GDS file. The settings include:

  • Enabled: Activating and Deactivating Layers
  • ID: ID of layer used within GDS format.
  • Name: Reference name
  • Material: Material Selection of layers
  • Thickness: Thickness of Layers
  • Offset: Controls location of layers in the thickness direction
  • Color: Default Colour assigned to layer in the GDS Layout diagram.

Tip: These settings can be altered by double clicking the appropriate field or by using the Right Mouse Button menu