Material Tool

The Material Tool is where you will access the database of materials that can be used in your simulations. It can be accessed in Designer and Analyst Modes via the Home Tab in the Materials section. All materials added to the Project Materials database are fully editable by the user.

Global Database

The Global Database is designed to hold all materials that are regularly used by the user. The default materials in the Global Database cannot be edited in order to retain the original material settings if copies have been made.

Project Materials

The Project Materials contains the materials taken from the Global Database that are ready to be used in Designer Mode or saved to a file for Analyst Mode. Materials are editable here and can be imported into the Global Database for future use.

Functionality of the icons

The Material Tool contains 10 icons which allow users to interact with the materials in their project

Tip: The text will not show by default. Right-click and select show text if you would wish to visualise it.

There are also several Right Mouse Button options available for both Global and Project Materials

Global Database Project Materials
 Add Material  Add Material
 Remove Material  Remove Material
 Clone Material  Clone Material
 Rename Material  Rename Material
 Change Description  Change Description
 Import Materials  Clear Project List
 Export Materials  Save to Clipboard
   Save to File 
   Import Materials 
   Export materials