Job Scheduler Tool

The Job Scheduler Tool allows the user to set a number of jobs to run consecutively. This tool has the capability og setting up multiple Flex, Build or Review jobs to run one after the other. It is very useful for controlling work flow for non-sequential batch runs. For example, running several large, unrelated, models when some free computational resource becomes available.

The Job Scheduler Tool can be accessed from the Tools tab in the Flex Ribbon.

Jobs can be added or removed from the list as well as moved up or down to change the running order. The Advanced button gives access to the Job Scheduler options:

  • Toggle Console
  • Toggle Auto Term
  • Enable/Disable Graphics
  • Rename Flex Results

A series of jobs can be started by pressing the Run button and can be stopped with the Stop button. When a series of jobs have been created they can also be saved and used in future, through the use of the Save and Open button respectively.