Damping Tool

OnScale includes several advanced attenuation models to simulate the damping in a system. Damping, which varies by material and frequency, can be separated into longitudinal and shear components. It is not feasible for OnScale to determine the damping characteristics at every frequency with complete accuracy. The Damping Tool enables you to visualize the damping that has been applied to the model and to make any changes to better match the damping of the actual material.The Damping Tool allows you to enter all the critical variables used in OnScale attenuation routines such as damping mechanism, longitudinal and shear attenuation base values, and frequency coefficients. It displays in graph form the attenuations against frequency, as well as the velocity variation due to the dispersion in materials with very high attenuation. These potentially critical parameters are often ignored.

Materials can be created from the Damping Tool by selecting 'Create Material', naming your material, and selecting 'Save'. This material can then be found in the Global Database of the Material Tool.